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My Favorite Dirt Piles
(Apologies to Robert Kinmont)

In the late 1960s, the American conceptual artist Robert Kinmont made a series of works called My Favorite Dirt Roads. The series consists of 17 B/W photographs of dirt roads all taken in the desert of California. Kinmont has stated that the dirt roads in the photographs all lead to places he had a personal relationship with and explored as a teenager – all close to his home.


Almost five decades later, I have made a series of photographs borrowing Kinmont’s title and, to a certain extent, his concept. But instead of dirt roads the photographs in my series depict dirt piles taken at construction sites in Ørestad, Copenhagen – close to my home. Compared to Kinmont’s project my series is less optimistic, and the subject is almost the inverse of his: an obstacle of dirt in the center of the image often blocking any further exploration.


  • Exhibited at Ørestad Library, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2018.


Artists' book, 14,8 × 21 cm, 40 pages, ISBN 978-87-997693-7-7, Ransby Editions 2018.

Inkjet print on paper, found wooden beams from construction site, black nails, 200 × 29,7 cm.